18 March 2021: National Perspectives on the Conference on the Future of Europe

After a year-long delay, the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE) has still to be launched. Uncertainty prevails over many of the detail but it is already quite clear that the CoFoE will involve citizens – at all levels of governance in the EU – to get them to reflect and debate on the Union’s future direction. This means that the member states will have to partake in the EU-wide effort to beef up the participatory dimension of the Conference. What are different stakeholders in the national, regional or local arenas in the member states doing at present to prepare for this role? What kind of events should the member states organise to engage their citizens in the CoFoE context? How should diverse national debates be linked to one another and to the European level discussions? What are the risks, challenges and opportunities in establishing a national participatory dimension to the Conference?

Policy Dialogue with George Pagoulatos, Professor of European Politics and Economy, AUEB & College of Europe; Märt Volmer, Undersecretary for European Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia; Martin Klus, State Secretary for European Affairs, Slovak Republic; Noelle O Connell , CEO, European Movement Ireland; Sandro Gozi, Member of the European Parliament, Renew Europe; Moderator: Corina Stratulat , Senior Policy Analyst, European Policy Centre