HLAG Report: “Conference on the Future of Europe: What worked, what now, what next?”

The Conference Observatory’s High-Level Advisory Group is pleased to present its first report: Conference on the Future of Europe: What worked, what now, what next? As the Conference reaches its conclusion, the final phases of the process must – and can – tackle the important concerns building up in terms of buy-in, organisation and legitimacy. […]

Conference Conversations 7 – Taking stock of the Conference

Has public reception of the Conference changed since its launch earlier this year? How representative is the Conference so far and are the randomly selected citizens representative of the diversity of EU citizens? Has the promise to include youth voices and perspectives been fulfilled? How will the upcoming meetings of the Conference Plenary take up […]

High-Level Advisory Group

The aspiration for the Conference on the Future of Europe is to be a stimulating new forum for open, inclusive and transparent debate with citizens. It is a pan-European democratic exercise, where citizens, politicians and representatives from civil society debate and develop ideas on the EU’s key priorities and challenges. The Conference Observatory runs parallel […]

CONFERENCE CONVERSATIONS 6: Beyond the Brussels bubble:  What role do member states play in the CoFoE?

We are pleased to invite you to the sixth edition of Conference Conversations, on 2 November..Our guests  Catherine Day  Chair of the Irish Citizens’ Assembly on Gender Equality   Former European Commission Secretary General     Lykke Friis Director of Think Tank Europa Former Minister for Climate, Energy and Equal Rights, Denmark      Dominik Hierlemann  Senior Expert, Bertelsmann Stiftung      Georg […]